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Speculative Fiction

It is possible to be implemented as stated, but it has never been attempted before
Realistic Fiction, Quirky, Offbeat with an Eccentric Edge
Documentary style X-Files narration
Spotlight Author: Rob Scott

Essence: How are we supposed to survive if it is only going to become hotter from here? 

Synopsis: Speculative Fiction story about the massive heat-dome that appeared over all of Texas in 2023 and lasted a relentless three months, baking all things inside until they became done.  An old man and his grandson prepare for end times while a few other characters make the most of the situation.  A story of heat, hardship, perseverance and huge payoff.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Texas heat dome of 2023
• Photosynthesis
• History of guns and gunpowder
• Russian ammunition
• Chinese ammunition
• Bullet resistance and carbon nanotube
• Electrical Power Grid of USA
• Harvesting kinetic energy
• Alternators
• Generators
• Batteries and Flow battery
• Rabbits
• Butchering livestock in Texas
• Physics of heat
• Energy in heat
• History of HVAC
• Growing crop indoors
• Industrial chillers 
• End of tourism in FL, AZ. NV, CA
• The new new vacation zone: NE, KS, MO, IL, IN
• The Jetstream
• Shorting the Stock Market of CA & FL 
• Raising livestock indoors
• History of steam engines and steam power
• Firefighters 
• Insurance industry and mulch
• Atmospheric manipulation
• Underground infrastructure
• Water and the Bible
•  Rainfall statistics TX, FL, CA
• Cisterns

Essence: Is AI good or bad

Synopsis: The impact of Artificial Intelligence depends on how it is developed, deployed, and if ever regulated.  Finding a balance between reaping the benefits and addressing potential challenges is crucial for responsible AI development and use.  But what if it goes all wrong and we fail to learn, shall we all end up the way of the Amish?  Speculative Fiction about AI, Google dropping its “Don’t be Evil” motto and the FBI attempting to instill law and order over bias and cybercrimes.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Brief history of world religion
• Jewish people
• Amish people
• Book sales statistics
• Pakistan, Bulgaria, Romania, China viruses
• Human mind is a predictive machine
• History of AI
• Global stupification, IQ, Mensa, Turing Test
• Chat-GPT, quantum computers, Encryption
• "Don't be evil", regulation, AI coding, AI strikes
• Job postings today are written squirrely
• FSU AI Lab
• Good vs Evil, comic books, graphic novels
• Ghost writing, E-book signing
• A book marketing plan
• AI will try anything, Hey Mikey!
• Cloud computing
• Sustainable electricity 
• the Internet
• AI contacting and harassing people
• breaking Amish
• antimatter, gamma rays, EMPs
• FBI, computer forensics
• Amish romance novels
• the aftermath of AI harassment


Essence: Plastics causes every living thing in the world to absorb and to pump micro particles through itself, plants, animals, everything accumulates plastics at the molecular level.

Synopsis: Entrepreneurs defined America by finding latent capacity and capitalizing upon it. Plastics, invented in America, compromised the ability of the world to survive. Plastics caused every living thing in the world to absorb and to pump micro particles through itself, plants, animals, everything accumulated plastics at the molecular level. Not even my trailer park was immune from plastics. Americans became the wealthiest beings on the planet and the most hated. When they went bankrupt, the civil unrest within America briefly caused anarchy until China invaded America and collected on its debts. The least, the last and the lost battle the Chinese.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Word of God misconstrued
• HIV virus history and statistics
• Gay population statistics
• US pregnancy and birth statistics
• Entrepreneur and latency exploits
• Bluebonnet Flower statistics
• Freshwater fish statistics
• Texas Indian Tribe statistics
• Trailer park statistics
• Tobacco statistics
• Plastics, history and statistics
• Recycling plastics into Energy
• SMP plastics and Global warfare
• 55+ Community statistics
• Statistics of Retired Americans
• Gilly's Texas nightclub
• Herb statistics
• Bird statistics
• Economics of retirement
• Economics of business brokering
• Brain physiology 
• Physiology of fear
• Wealth and asset statistics
• National guard statistics
• China company statistics
• Gang statistics
• China management particulars


Essence: The food supply is bad in America, but the wealthy are worse. A captivating and thought-provoking tale that delves into the lives of Homesteaders navigating the fallout of losing their city jobs and facing the relentless onslaught of the commercial real estate market. In the face of adversity, they rise to the challenge, transforming reclaimed lands into thriving, sustainable townships with organic provisions. The book skillfully explores the clash between the once-privileged wealthy and the resourceful Homesteaders, shedding light on the unsustainable and misguided lifestyles of the affluent. As the story unfolds, readers are treated to a refreshing perspective on wealth creation and the true essence of prosperity. With its engaging narrative and eye-opening insights, "Distended" is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration and a new lens through which to view modern society.

Synopsis: Homesteaders across rural America, banished from their city jobs, disrupt the wealthy as they are slaughtered by the commercial real estate market massacre.  Homesteaders augment the real estate into highly desirable city townships, complete with organic provisions, and show the once affluent how wealth is really made, exposing how unsustainable and misguided the wealthy had been living.  

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Farm statistics
• Processed food perils
• GMO foods
• History of townships
• Taxes, income, budgets
• Farmstay
• History of Indian casinos
• Butchering Chickens and Rabbits
• Milling Feed for Chickens, Rabbits, Goats
• Making leather out of rabbit skins 
• Making cheese, soap, paper
• Milling wheat into flour
• Making pasta
• Organic composting and farming
• Purpose of corporations
• Statistics of Cash
• Commercial Real Estate Statistics
• History of Homesteadiing in America
• Rent statistics
• City Townships
• Statistics of wealthy Americans
• Pawn Shops history and statistics
• Philanthropy history and statistics

Essence: Sound, just sound, can be more destructive than the highest-grade military explosive, it can break levitational bonds and can float heavy objects.

Synopsis: Sound and Anti-Gravity.  George mows pastures for a living in Livingston, Texas.  He battles rain and a deranged ex-wife to be able to see his children as they grow up.  In conversations with his son, Colton, George passes down secrets of anti-gravity and Freemasonry as it pertains to a strange but real place near Miami called the Coral Castle.  Intertwining stories culminate with the mysterious destruction of condos in Miami in 2021.  Speculative Fiction loosely based on people, places and events described within. 

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• East Texas climate
• Perils of wet grass
• Livestock statistics in East Texas
• Statistics and History of the Tractor
• Polk County, Texas pasture statistics
• History of Meteorology
• Statistics of Borderline Personality Disorder
• History of Coral Castle
• Frequency of the Earth
• Sound and anti-gravity
• Statistics of Fire and Insurance Industry
• Solfeggio frequencies
• Freemasonry and The Crusades
• Construction of magnets
• Curing tuberculosis with magnets
• Sounds trees make
• Statistics of Muslims
• Finances of Homesteading
• Everything living emits light
• Making cheese and soap
• Mulberry trees and silk worms
• History and statistics of LRADs
• Sound and destruction of matter
• Meat cuts and quantities of Cow
• Meat cuts and quantities of Goat

Synopsis: America passed the 2018 Farm Bill removing hemp from prohibition and allowed for the registered and controlled cultivation of it.  The Bill, defining that States inspect and measure hemp production, was designed for large-scale farming, it was never intended for what George Danback created with his "$50,000 in your backyard" billboards spawning micro-farming among backyard hemp gardeners everywhere.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• History of hemp
• Endocannabinoid System
• Cherry Blossom hemp strain
• China hemp statistics
• Texas hemp license process
• Texas hemp inspector duties
• History of paper from hemp
• Prices and value of hemp
• Hempcrete
• Hempcakes
• How to run a Farmstay
• Hemp cultivation
• Harvesting hemp
• How to make paper from hemp
• How to make CBD from hemp
• How to roll your own cigarettes
• How CBD works in the human body
• Indian casino in Livingston, Texas
• How to trim hemp flowers into colas
• How to make soap
• How to make cheese
• How to make thread from hemp
• How to micro-farm hemp
• How to organically farm
• History of fertilizer
• How to compost
• How to make Phosphate fertilizer
• How to make Potash fertilizer
• How to make Nitrogen fertilizer


Synopsis:  Preppers outnumber rich people in America 10:1. When SHTF, those with physical currency and possessions able to be readily converted to physical currency will survive the best. Guns and ammunition may prove to be useful in motivating someone to relinquish possessions, but Preppers are heavily networked and themselves well-armed. Most are off the grid, with solar power supplies with hundreds of batteries capable of operating for days without adequate sunlight. You should be terrified at what they are capable of orchestrating.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Prepper statistics
• Electro Magnetic Pulse event defined
• Expensive handbags
• Gun and ammunition statistics
• Population and employment statistics
• Executive compensation
• Post properties and Kluge homes
• Five most popular jobs in America
• Highest paid jobs in America
• History of Amazon distribution
• Salaries of Americans
• Statistics of companies in numbers
• Reasons for the various Revolutions
• MSC Gayane cargo ship owners
• Wealthiest zip codes in America
• Jews concentration among cities
• Billionaire statistics
• Venmo and Robinhood history
• West University Place & Greenway Plaza
• Indian reservations, casinos
• Global billionaire statistics
• American budget, US budget
• Statistics of the richest families in USA
• Economics of the American Civil War
• The cuts of meats
• Electricity defined
• Money Supply statistics
• Agrarian Society resurgence


Synopsis: Not all executives are sinful, evil parasites that plague our publicly traded companies, squandering precious resources upon consumption of millions of minuscule fractions of rewards called stock options and performance shares of stock. It was not a lot at first, before 1999 it was very rare for a company to repurchase stock. But after 2010, it became an annual contest to see what company would announce the largest plans to spend the shareholders cash on what was to become the largest compensation grab of all times, creating a despondent stock market during the time of the most unprecedented profit growth. Could have, would have - should have. It is all water under a bridge, right? But what can be done about it now?

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Stock repurchase statistics
• Parable of whom much is expected
• Hedge fund statistics
• IBM worth dissected
• Irresponsible distributions of compensation
• Executives are parasites
• Wealthiest US family statistics
• History of Management 
• Present stats vs expected results of companies
• History of MBA Degree
• The Pocket MBA textbook

Synopsis: Millennials would rather be fired over defending something they believe as fair than to compromise on something they feel is not fair. It is the most peculiar thing, and I feel strangely guilty yet proud of them for it. They are stronger than the exhausted executives give them credit for. When they win, they will prove that fairness is the prescription to cure their governing disorder.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Oil company statistics
• Millennials
• History and statistics of LinkedIn
• History and statistics of The Woodlands
• History and statistics of Katy
• History and statistics of Kingwood
• KPI self-management theory
• Entitlement dissected
• Warren Buffett blunders
• History of Corporate Raids
• US Industries in value ranked order
• Latent power in ownership
• Start with small and private companies

Synopsis: Largely about the rise and fall of GD [General Development] in Florida. It is a story featuring Nathan Flannery, a crusty old man living in Wilson, Kansas on a nine thousand acre lake with a few hundred of his closest friends. He solved the logistics industry cost problem, a couple trillion dollar solution. This is the story of how he parlayed those gains into the making of all places old people aspire to call home. Hedge Funds are examined, dissected and faulted for not doing much to solve problems necessary to create gains.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• History of the Jerky Boys
• Statistics of Retired Americans
• Statistics of Logistics
• Nomadic life for weather change
• History of General Development
• Statistics of Asphalt
• Statistics of Social Media platforms
• Arthritis statistics
• History and design of Port Charlotte
• Statistics of Florida
• Elon Musk companies history
• Hedge fund activism history
• To make lots of money, solve large problems

Synopsis: A present day setting in Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Georgia, California and features Warren Davis, a logistics manager, who changes his career to become a Psychopath Bounty Hunter after the US Government declares psychopaths as enemy number one. The history and statistical environment of psychopaths is explained and cost calculations are reported in the trillions of dollars of damages to US citizens. Instead of incarcerating them, the Federal Government creates a Psychopath Registry similar to the Sex Offender Registry and the US Court System is taxed with processing the psychopaths and bogs down their system. Warren accumulates much wealth in his new profession and the US President taps him as Psychopath Czar and the country fleshes out millions of psychopaths with a vengeance.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Statistics of Psychopaths
• Amygdala and Autism and Psychopaths
• Ybor City, Tampa, Florida
• US Mental Healthcare statistics
• The politics of mental healthcare
• Economics of jail vs medicine
• History of oil in America
• US Criminal Justice statistics
• Me-too movement history
• Business statistics and psychopaths
• How to detect a psychopath

Synopsis: The setting is present day Kansas. Tornadoes continue to ravish the land every year. A bold insurance company owner commissions a mountain be built in Western Kansas for the purpose of curing tornadoes in Kansas and most of Missouri. To do so it will cost $600 billion dollars and take 60 years to complete. Therefore he enlists the help of his high school rival to obtain hedge fund investments to cover the cost. The residents that show up are not as palatable to the insurance company owner as he would have liked. Upon his deathbed, he has his peace and delivers the mountain to its more correct and fitting owners.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Tornado statistics in America
• Autism and the human brain
• Autism and life in America
• Steel Industry statistics
• Kansas land statistics
• Tall building statistics
• Electricity and Power Storage statistics
• Construction of building statistics
• Rail transportation of people statistics
• Recruiting employee statistics
• Englewood, Florida landmarks and society
• Iraq warfare statistics 
• Insurance statistics
• New York society and statistics
• Physiology of stress and body responses to it
• Black licorice statistics
• Statistics of the Internet
• Unemployment statistics history of America
• Religion statistics of the United States
• Statistics of Freemason members
• Law statistics
• Agenda of the Freemason Fraternity
• American Indian statistics

Synopsis: The ethical distribution of water, across the United States, from where there is too much to where there is too little, as examined, corrected and solutions implemented by largely Autistic Superheroes. The ethical treatment of Autistic people is examined in parallel by the author. Taking place a few years into the future and narrated throughout by an X-files Agent come Fight Club style voice. This book is written for all ages and designed to make the reader think. The subject matter is diverse and intended for largely Autistic-Asperger Syndrome people, care takers, educators and professionals. This material is Speculative Fiction, based in fact but with fictional characters and situations possible to come true but not yet implemented by anyone.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Autism and Social Media
• History of Social Media
• History of Autism
• History of the German Shepherd
• History of Autistic mass shootings
• New York City landmarks and walking
• Statistics of Hedge Funds
• Mississippi River statistics
• Water reservoir statistics
• Mississippi Watershed statistics
• Hydroelectric power dams statistics
• Value and pricing of electricity 
• Value and pricing of water
• Famous people with Autism
• Stock Market statistics
• History of movies with Autistic Superheroes
• Statistics of Asperger syndrome
• Aspergers, the genius gene
• Skyrocketing Autism per capita rates
• History of Asperger syndrome diagnosis

Synopsis: Are you worried about the Stock Market? You have good reason to be very worried about it. Speculative Fictional account of widespread corruption regarding Stock Buybacks, Stock Options and almost every company repurchasing shares.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Stock buybacks
• Executive compensation
• H.R. 108-609 | Stock Option Accounting Reform Act
• H.R. 5719 | Empowering Employees through Stock Ownership Act
• Correlation of Stock Option Execution and Stock Repurchases
• Executive compensation publishing and benchmarking
• Financial motivation driven by competition of a few elite leaders
• Live Here - Work Here Townships
• Executive recruiting
• Compensation
• Technology sector buybacks
• Financial sector buybacks
• Consumer/Retail sector buybacks
• Biotechnology sector buybacks
• Christianity and compensation
• Philanthropy should not support meager, unproductive lives
• Logistics Arbitrage
• Stock repurchase amounts by company

Synopsis: Indians once ruled over all of North America, then Europeans came and weakened them with disease, stole their land and herded them to Oklahoma as the Europeans expanded westward under the theory of Manifest Destiny, a nationalism movement in the 1830s. Throughout this time period, the Democratic Party ruled developing a set of ideas that formed the foundation of the modern party. Then again in the 1940s through 1960s the nationalism movement became popular again under ruling by the Democratic Party and Indians were again run off their sovereign land, disbursed across America and left seemingly with nothing.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Blood Quantum Law
• Dawes Roll
• The five Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups
• Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy
• Trail of Tears
• Syphilis
• Indian ancestry is tribe based, not blood based
• Florida Indian Tribes
• Indian casinos
• Aboriginal doctrine
• Gambling statistics in America
• Assimilation to Manifest Destiny
• Indian Relocation Act (Public Law 959)
• Indian Gaming Regulatory Act
• History of Tampa Seminole Indian Tribe
• Cole Memorandum and Cannabis legalization

Synopsis: Dream a little dream with Fred Baldwin. He is not retired yet but he sure does dream about it often. On a short trip at the end of summer just before Labor Day, Fred got an idea and could not let it go. He got lost in drinking Rum, eating Blue Crabs, partaking in some cigars. Everywhere Fred looked he saw opportunity so much so that he decided to take ownership of his piece of Galveston Island, Texas.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Condominiums in Galveston, Texas
• Insurance Industry statistics
• Berkshire Hathaway company history and statistics
• Freemasons in Galveston
• Growing tobacco for cigars
• Distilling Rum in Galveston
• Statistics of Alcohol in America
• Blue Crab statistics
• The game of Poker
• Southeast USA insurance statistics
• Growing sugarcane on Pelican Island
• Property statistics across the Southeast
• Alcohol and the Bible
• Real Estate Sales statistics 
• Construction statistics after a disaster

Synopsis: A book loosely based on real events that transpired between 2008 and 2016 in the United States economic history leading up to the demise of Wall Street. Hedge Fund Managers, CEOs and Board of Directors intertwine in this Speculative Fiction novella making the reader feel it is certainly possible the novellas outcome will be a real outcome.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• History of Capitalism
• Marginal Productivity Theory
• Stock market crash; February 1, 2009
• Financial Advisors and Online trading
• Hedge Fund statistics
• Hedge Fund Activism and statistics
• Cannabis and Vaping technology
• Hedge Fund manager compensation statistics
• Diet Coke and stomach bacteria destruction
• History of Corporate Raids
• Private lives of Hedge Fund managers
• History of Bitcoin
• Regulation T and levels of leverage
• Hedge Fund Activist accomplishments in 2015
• Stock Options defined
• Greed defined
• History of stock repurchases
• Broadcaster Gay Agendas
• History of Uber and Lyft

Synopsis: Staven is a middle-aged man going through a divorce. A book about the events taking place around that time in 2011. Not mass distributed and very rare to locate a copy of this book in print. Only six copies in circulation.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Statistics of Housing in America
• CEO statistics 
• Advocate Fund scope and purpose
• Statistics of births and deaths in America
• Statistics of wealth in America
• Statistics of Retirement savings
• Statistics of US Pregnancies
• Statistics of Fornication
• Conserving versus Hoarding
• Bill Gates and Warren Buffet dynamic
• Statistics of US Auto manufacturing
• Saving the rainforest
• Statistics of poverty
• Bible's stance on money
• Fiduciary responsibility
• Economics of clothing
• Economics of housing
• Men versus women communication styles
• Bible's stance on dating/marriage/gambling
• Logistics of cash
• Statistics of Laws and Lawyers
• History of Landry's Restaurants
• Statistics of cigars
• Statistics of chemical companies
• Statistics of Florida and visitors
• Statistics of Oil Rigs
• History of Lake Houston
• Tarpon fishing
• Economics of Blue Crabs
• Thermal reactor engineering
• Statistics of Internet Gambling
• Statistics of US Publishing
• Cuba sight seeing
• Statistics of mental illness

Synopsis: Stanley is a sugarcane farmer in Englewood, Florida. He and other residents live around the ancient Indian Mounds in town and are afflicted by their presence. The town morally erodes and its townspeople succumb to disastrous indulgences. Stanley's friends and his sons (Chip) friends work together with local authorities to clean it up. The meaning and purpose of The Mounds are discovered by the town, the townspeople rally and restore wealth and power to those wrongfully plighted.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• History of Florida Indians and discovery
• Rise of the Seminole Indian Tribe
• History of Englewood, Florida
• Sugarcane farming in Englewood
• Masonic Lodge of Englewood
• Excavation of the Indian Mounds
• Pain Pill epidemic in Englewood and Nation
• Cannabis distribution across Englewood
• Blue Crab operation
• Ybor City, Tampa history to present
• History of the Seminole Hard Rock Casino
• Night garage sale operation
• Acacia trees in West Texas
• History of single malt whiskey
• Air delivery of bales of Cannabis nightly
• Size of the Cannabis market
• Picking a lawyer's brain
• Compounding medicines
• Private label Rum plant project

Synopsis: Mandrake King discovers a language being transmitted via text messages among teenagers. With the help of some of the teenagers he interacts with, he gains insight and knowledge and assists them with gaining access to the barter system the language pertains to. While the texting language morphs and sweeps the entire teenage world, simultaneously Native Americans resurrect their ancient language and mobilize their efforts to reclaim Manhattan Island.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

  • Contradictions in the Bible
  • Algorithms defined
  • Bible’s stance on dating
  • Nicene Council and Bible arrangement
  • Martin Luther and Bible translations
  • Numerous languages defined by story of Babel
  • Hexadecimal computer language
  • Four main languages and population statistics
  • Prosody, binary numeral code
  • History of poetry
  • Insects and chemical telepathy
  • Gold statistics
  • History of authority
  • Barter statistics
  • History of Capitalism, Communism, Socialism
  • Chemical telepathy of ants
  • Global wealth statistics
  • US Barter System
  • Accounting vs Finance
  • Welfare populous statistics
  • US charity statistics
  • US counterfeiting statistics
  • Morality and ethics defined
  • Anarchism defined
  • English Common Law
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Concept of Justice
  • US rape statistics
  • IRS minimum wage earnings
  • CIA history
  • Cost of Immigration to USA
  • Tax and minimum wage parity
  • Native American language
  • Indian Gaming Regulatory Act
  • Shock Wave physics
  • Octanitrocubane

Synopsis: Hunter Green accepts an invitation to join the Freemasons Fraternity. He climbs in rank among his peers and encounters many challenges in doing so as he establishes many enterprises and faces challenges with the implementation and management of them. Conversations and correspondence with other prominent Freemasons including the President as well as other corporate leaders and hedge fund managers keep a fast pace to this Speculative Fiction novel.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Mayan Calendar
• Jewish Calendar
• Book of Ezra
• Geometry 
• Masonic giving exceeds $1.5 million per day
• Euclid's Theorem 
• Global Masonic Lodge statistics
• Cigar importing
• Medical cost statistics
• Housing cost statistics
• Aetna statistics
• Automotive industry statistics
• Pharmaceutical manufacturing statistics
• Dental industry statistics
• Cigar industry statistics
• Cancer statistics
• Disability statistics
• Freemason keepers of secrets
• Crusades freed Christians from Islamic rule
• Automotive industry overhaul
• Hedge Fund industry statistics
• Sysco Foods statistics
• ConocoPhillips statistics
• Lebanese Cedar trees built the Ark
• Capitalism vs. Socialism
• Initiative to a flat US Tax system
• Global gold statistics
• Royal Water
• Homeless statistics
• Gang statistics
• Tatoo statistics
• Hepatitis C statistics
• Grocery industry overhaul
• Trucking industry overhaul
• Home schooling statistics
• Glamour magazine statistics
• Africa overhaul
• Child pageant statistics
• Scott Capital Algorithm 

Synopsis: Have a glimpse of what it is like to feel Autism.  Come down the Rabbit Hole with me.  While sometimes some people get wild and crazy ideas, my Orthogonal mind makes the most unusual connections to come to unique and genuinely new insights, constantly.  Documentary style narration.

Subjects documented thoroughly:

• Angiosarcoma
• Texas Ranching
• Oil Industry
• Cancer statistics
• Rabbit raising and butchering
• Tanning animal skins
• Commercial rat meat
• Growing potatoes
• Executive compensation
• Lamb raising and butchering
• Polk County, TX statistics
• Meteorites
• Gambling at Naskila
• Indian slot machine statistics
• Seminole Indian Tribe
• Casino economics
• College statistics
• Airbnb statistics
• Covid-19 statistics
• Quantitative stock analysis
• Autism statistics


Paradise is about the redevelopment of the physical structure of the world such that other densely populated lands can temporarily mobilize to Paradise while their geographies are redeveloped for the purpose of being able to continue reproduction to exceed 100 billion inhabitants.

Speculative Fiction:

Involves paradigm-changing and neo-traditional works that have not yet been implemented but could possibly be true if someone with adequate resources decided to implement the ideas being presented.

Realistic Fiction:

A story whose basic setting (time and location in the world) is real and whose events could feasibly happen in a real-world setting.

Quirky Fiction:

Exaggerates real life in an eccentric, quirky or absurd way.


Unconventional, unusual, does not march to the same beat as everyone before him.


Odd behavior on the part of a person, as opposed to being normal; crazy but with the means to make that which is deemed crazy a reality.


is not security, it is just a tool: use your tool for good, stop hoarding it, implement something great.